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02 April 2025 @ 05:50 pm

No Random Adding
Please make sure we have something in common

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Tricia: iiicia - donglun dark blue & rediiicia on April 15th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
hey~ i added you already. you should add me too! XD
(then maybe we could flail at ai jiu zhai yi qi more!! XD )
kiwifresh: jiro: posekiwifresh on May 25th, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
do you mind if i add you? :)
saw you on project sunset lol :P
kiwifreshkiwifresh on May 25th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
oh wait - i just realized you already added me! xD
sorry hun!<3 i've added you back hahaha :)
Ellanoypi_buzz on May 25th, 2009 01:51 pm (UTC)
lol it's ok, thanks for the add btw.... i added you after seeing your icons @ frhfeilunhai... XD
tuma: DongLun KIWI~~hanakohikari on August 26th, 2009 01:20 pm (UTC)

i added you if you don't mind~ <3

i LOVE Fahrenheit X3 (mostly DongLun! but my fav member: Calvin) <3

Ella: pink dong micnoypi_buzz on August 27th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
yeah sure!
thanks for the add!
i'll add u too.
Paulinepmae on October 13th, 2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
Do you mind if I add you? I love pretty much what you do, like Feilunhai, especially Jiro, SS501 and any asian drama! ^_^ Love em!!
Ellanoypi_buzz on October 14th, 2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
Re: hi!
yeah sure go ahead! XD i'll add u too!